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What are my items worth | Albany and Hudson Valley Estate Sales

The most ask question in the estate sale and antique business is what are my items worth ?  It is always a matter of rarity and condition and getting the most people as you can to see the item.  Also an overlooked variable is time.  If you need to sell an item today it is more difficult to find a buyer who will pay what your item is worth right now.  Right now is a very important factor.  Tastes change and because an item is old does not mean it is valuable.  One example is a Cuban painter with great skill paintings circa 1955 were sought after and the talk of the town, but although beautiful and considered a master work it was not until you could take offers from the Cuba itself the full value could not be had.  As soon as it was legal the price of the better works increase 400 %.



Take a very nice home in the Hudson Valley photographs matter.  With 10 sales with miles from each other the photos need to be in all the right places.  It's really as simple, if 5 people are interested in a antique the price will certainly go up.  At Albany and Hudson Valley Estate Sales I have buyers all over the world and with wish lists.  And along with collectors my email box will be filled and my phone will ring off the wall.  Hard work and study of prices matter.  My team and I will research the items, call buyers and use every honest way to get paying buyers to most money.  We have sold items from .50 cents to over 1 million dollars.

Never forget 10 items of lessor value add up and the more the better.  Don't throw out anything unless you are very sure.  Try not to give things away, it really adds up and although it is very nice it is costly.

The best way to start is to call us at 518-678-0176.  And we can talk about the best way to sell your items a the best price.