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 We buy or sell your fine art and collectables.  We also sell your household items if you are moving of downsizing.  Albany and Hudson Valley Estate Sales helps people sell there antiques, collectable and household items.

About US :

Albany & Hudson Valley Estate Sales & Liquidations LLC has many years in the field and knows how to execute a sale that will get you maximum benefit.  We have worked with and for clients that are world renowned.  We also conduct estate sales for anyone who wants the maximum value from their possessions.  Give us a call and we will be glad to help.  Although it is impossible to know everything about all antiques and collectibles will certainly have access to experts in many fields.  Are reaching skills are second to none.  We have one mission and that is to maximize your sale and reduced the stress involved in an estate or liquidation. In other words we do the research, legwork and advertising necessary for success.  We have the staff to make your experience with us smooth and rewarding.  With many years of experience we have the resources  available to appraise antiques and collectibles.  Here is a review from one of our valued customers.

This e-mail is to tell you how glad I am that I met you, and had the chance to have you conduct our family's estate sale.

Your expertise and genuine interest in our satisfaction concerning my family's estate, turned  what could have been a chore into a wonderful experience.

Your integrity and broad understanding of the business of art sales in the north east was a comfort during a tumultuous time for our family.

I would enthusiastically recommend Albany Estate Sales without hesitation.

Thanks you again for your invaluable service,

Greg and Ginny Staley

I hired Frank at to do an estate sale recently

He did a great job explaining the process, taking photos of the items, and marketing and operating the three-day sale, and he bent over backwards to get it done on a tight time schedule.

Great experience overall, and planning to work with him again. 



Estate sales are the perfect alternative for people with an accumulation of items to sell. 

One of Albany & Hudson Valley Estate Sales & Liquidations LLC core philosophies are that all transactions will be conducted on a commission basis. This means the owners and Albany & Hudson Valley Estate Sales & Liquidations LLC are essentially partners. Albany & Hudson Valley Estate Sales & Liquidations LLC want to sell items for as much as possible on your behalf because in simple terms, the more money you make, the more money they make.

Albany & Hudson Valley Estate Sales & Liquidations LLC actively markets sales through a variety of methods. We maintain an active database of buyers. Prior to each sale an advertising campaign kicks into high gear. Detailed photographs and marketing copy will be produced. Ads will be placed in proven periodicals and papers; postings will be placed on websites, radio campaigns may be initiated, and flyers may be placed in town centers and antique shops. This is essential in achieving a successful sale. We will do our homework and put your estate to the forefront. Our reputation for no games, fairly priced items, and accurately represented pieces also continually brings in many dealers, designers, and collectors who otherwise would not attend an estate sale.

We have the proven experience with Multi-Million Dollar Government Institutions. That being said we take the same care in every Estate and tag sale we perform. We have an outstanding track record of success. For a fee you can choose an option that can allow for homes to be left in “broom swept” condition and empty to the bare walls. This means there is no clutter to scare off potential real estate buyers. Trash is removed recycling is sorted and brought to the correct facilities; canned food, clothing, and household goods of minimal value are donated to the charities of the client’s choice.